Interiors Refined by Tanya Design Services


Art & Accessory Placement
Instead of a full redesign, you get an instant
mini-redo with lots of quick and clever changes!


Interior ReDecorating
A fun, fast and affordable way to acquire a new look for your home!
Personal Shopping
You eliminate the chance of making costly mistakes, you save time and
you save money! 
Remodeling Refinement
Your opportunity to work with a customized Design Plan to guide you through a sometimes challenging process ... reading blueprints, selecting finishes, choosing wall coverings, lighting fixtures and window treatments.
Color Selection
With the eye of an expert to assist, you are assured of a stylish and workable color scheme for your home!

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Model Apartment Design
Managers for Retirement Homes, Apartment, and Condominium Complexes find that sales go up when the models have furnishings their prospects can relate to. It's amazing what can be done with the stuff people leave behind!
ReSale Ready
You instantly increase the value of your home with a practical and affordable alternative to conventional staging!
Seasonal Decorating
Your chance to treat yourself to a beautifully decorated home without the usual hassle. Try
a new look for every season!