"I attended a "YOU the Decorator" party at a friend's house. I must admit that I was a little uncertain how helpful it would be since all I brought was a picture of a room in my house.

First, it was really fun discussing all the decorating options for my friend's house. And I started to think more creatively about lighting, painting and furniture, etc.Then we began to discuss by room. Laying out the problems and my frustrations got me started. As Tanya asked pertinent questions and began to share ideas my interest and excitement grew.

I went home and in less than a day, with some help from my family, I rearranged the room and I love it! It is brighter and we are spending more time there.

Working with Tanya was great. Her gentle questions and observations led me to sort out my priorities and figure out how to set up the room. 

If you have a room in your house that you are not happy with I highly recommend Tanya. Her creativity and knowledge are fantastic. I think this  would be a great birthday present or
bridal shower gift."

                                  Jana Panter, ND


Take a look around. There must be a corner somewhere that could accommodate at least a shelf - an inexpensive fix to create another place to set things. A step stool could be stored underneath.

Look high, too, for extra storage space. Maybe a shelf above a doorway or window - great places for rarely used serving pieces!



Thrift shops are great places to find bargain decorating aids. A shawl can be tacked onto a simple wood slat frame. Small table cloths with interesting colors and patterns can also add some interest. A lace table cloth could create a delicate, homey feel in the bedroom.

Look through your own stuff too. Do you have a small rug that can be hung behind your sofa or bed? This one is just the right size.